Tailors Gin Description

An exciting new contender in the craft gin world, Tailors Gin is the brainchild of a bespoke garment maker. Drawing inspiration from quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail in the age-old art of tailoring -  this unique spirit is crafted with as much care as the tailor’s own handmade suits.

Brewed in small batches, the emphasis here - in true artisan form - is on quality. Tailors’ signature blend contains a complex fusion of natural hand-picked British botanicals, with the classic pine-spice juniper leading the way in smell and in taste.

On the nose are light aromas of soft chamomile, fresh mint and fragrant cardamom. On the palate, cleansing notes of coriander and a zing of lemon peel are followed by deeper flavours including earthy angelica, and a curious hint of bitter bergamot to finish. Moving from subtle to bold and back again, this gin is full of surprises and character. Both fruity and herbal, spicy and floral, it awakens the senses. The recipe’s lively yet refined chemistry indeed delivers “The Perfect Measure”.

Distilled in the heart of England, Tailors is presented in vintage-style ceramic bottles, giving it an intriguing look that hints at the unique bouquet of flavours within.

This gin is best served neat over ice with a garnish of grapefruit and rosemary, but also makes for a distinctive and refreshing G&T.

Our own recipe, small batch bespoke gin, has been fashioned using a made-to-measure selection of British botanicals. Distilled in the heart of England, to create a quintessentially British finish to provide you with...

The perfect measure!

Each batch of Tailors Gin has been hand crafted, using a bespoke blend of botanicals, including juniper, coriander, mint, cardamom, angelica, chamomile, lemon peel and bergamot.

Tailors Gin - The Perfect Measure, is available to purchase in-store now!

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